Buyer's Guide

Essential information to know before purchasing a property.

Buy with Confidence

I've put together a complete guide to take you through every step of your real estate transaction. This guide is the fruit of my experience and is specially designed to provide you with tailored, reliable advice for navigating the real estate market with confidence.

Discover proven strategies, practical tips and essential information that will make your real estate experience a total success.

This guide is meant to serve as a quick reference guide, but it does not replace the advice of a real estate broker or agency. Its content applies exclusively to the purchase of a residential property. It includes some information about properties held in divided and undivided co-ownership, but this content is not thorough.


Buying a Property, Step by Step

Are you ready to purchase a property? Whether it's your first buy or not, it's wise to be well-informed.

Before: How to Prepare Yourself

To effectively prepare for a purchase, it's crucial to first identify your needs. This will enable you to find a broker who can assist you in finding a property that fits your budget and aligns with your borrowing capacity.

During: You Are Interested in a Property

So, you've found a property that appeals to you? You're now ready for your broker to draft a promise to purchase. By signing it, you commit to buying the seller's property at the specified price and under the outlined conditions. If the seller accepts this agreement, he in turn commits to sell it to you, likely subject to certain conditions that both of you must meet (such as financing, inspection, etc.).

After: Steps After the Promise to Purchase

Once the promise to purchase is accepted, it's your responsibility to ensure that all stipulated conditions are met, such as the pre-purchase inspection, receiving all property-related documentation, and securing your mortgage financing. Subsequently, the deed of sale will be signed at the notary's office, before you can move into your new home or condominium.

Looking to buy? Don't navigate in this market alone.